Since 2012 I have been serving as faculty for several yoga teacher training programs in Portland, OR, facilitating modules with a focus on integrated, breath-centered hatha yoga, yoga philosophy, pranayama, and bhakti yoga. Each of the courses listed below support 200 and 300/500 hour programs and can also be offered as workshops geared for the general public. Please contact me to schedule a time to discuss how one of these specialized yoga courses can support your teacher training curriculm.

Being, Knowing, Loving – The Heart of Yoga Philosophy 

This training explores the foundational concepts of Yoga philosophy with an integrated review of three of India’s most cherished texts – The Upanishads, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and The Bhagavad Gita. Through thought-provoking study questions, discussion, and journaling, participants will be able to nurture their own spirit of philosophical inquiry while uncovering the ancient wisdom at the heart of India’s sacred texts.

Ease, Effort and Grace - The Art of Practice

This workshop seeks to create a foundation for greater connection in our spiritual practices by exploring the dynamic relationship between ease, effort and grace. Through mindful breath-centered yoga poses, meditation, kirtan (call and response chanting), discussion of the heart-centered practices of bhakti yoga, and an exploration of the interconnectedness of all parts of our being, we will seek to let go of unnecessary muscular and mental effort and cultivate awareness of the inherent beauty that is present in every moment.

An Introduction to Pranayama

This course introduces the foundational principles of pranayama, the limb of hatha yoga most directly centered on breathing. Through discussion, yoga asana, and exploration of the subtle body, we will investigate how a variety of breathing techniques can be used to open the body, calm the mind, and facilitate greater depth in meditation. This workshop is open to all levels of practitioner and no previous experience is required.

Developing a Personal Home Practice

This class serves as a forum where students and teachers can begin to discover those practices that speak most to their own heart, with the aim of helping to establish and maintain an inspiring, ongoing home practice. Through select readings, journaling, personal inquiry, discussion and guided practices, each attendee will cultivate a personal practice that will facilitate the discovery of one's authentic voice in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Exisiting to Love - An Introduction to Seva and Bhakti 

In this class we will explore  bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion and love. We will first get rooted in bhakti and the concept of seva, or service, as it broadly relates to Yogic spiritual inquiry and then we will delve into the heart of bhakti Yoga itself. Through Kirtan (call and response chanting), exploring stories from Hindu mysticism, and examining the philosophical foundation of bhakti, we will offer our sweet intentions, soften our hearts and nurture our capacity for loving selflessly.