Matt's workshop on Bhakti Yoga was both informative and inspiring.  Matt shares his  knowledge with a great balance of skill and joy and gives students the opportunity to participate in some of the practices of Bhakti Yoga.  Matt's enthusiasm is overflowing and I'm sure he'll continue to share more of this wonderful lineage based in the heart. Haribol!

~ Uma Diana Hulet

 Yoga Instructor & CoFounder of The Bhaktishop


The preparation and intention behind Matt's offering of Bhakti Yoga to Elevate Yoga Trainings this Fall was so evident and so incredibly well received by the participating teachers. Matt is a beautiful, open and receptive leader. He quickly revealed his ability to prepare mindfully but leave room for the actual experience to unfold organically, in exactly the way it needed to for the group and the environment. He is knowledgable, humble, honest and full of passion. All of these qualities combined to create a beautiful workshop. And his teachings were powerful, accessible, effective and FUN. We loved having Matt join Elevate, and I cannot wait for him to participate again! 

~ Jill Knouse

Yoga Instructor and Director of Elevate Trainings


I have been really interested in exploring more of a spiritual practice lately so I was very excited to take Matt Nelson's Existing to Love: An Introduction to Bhakti and Bhakti Yoga workshop. The way he explained devotion and service as it relates to the bhakti tradition and our modern practice was both interesting and easy to understand. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in learning more about devotion, and how it folds into yoga practice.  

~ Sondra Bloxam

Founder of Yoga Grow, Board Member for Yogi Roots, & Outreach Director for Street Yoga


I had the pleasure of meeting Matt as one of our guest speakers at Jill Knouse’s Elevate program.  Matt set the tone for our workshop with a stunning and mesmerizing Kirtan leaving all of us feeling a beautiful connection with one another.  My experience with Bhakti Yoga was very limited up until meeting Matt with prior exposure limited to my 200 hour yoga training.  Matt revealed the beauty and essence of his Yoga of devotion and love as we explored the Baghavad Gita and more deeply how we can incorporate it into our practice both on and off the mat.  There is an openness, sweetness and authenticity with Matt that draws you in and deepens your curiosity of Bhakti and Bhakti yoga.

~ Angelique Torbier

Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor