The path is the goal
— Swami B.V. Tripurari

Mindful, breath-centric and acessible yoga classes for all levels of practitioner

Approach to Teaching

I offer a welcoming, mindful and adaptive approach to Yoga, rooted in traditional practices and tailored to the needs of the modern practitioner. This methodology provides students a nourishing and inspiring classroom setting that promotes physical and emotional wellness, personal discovery, and inner-growth. 

Through integrated, breath-centered yoga postures, guided meditation, and relatable insights into yoga philosophy, all students are invited to explore at their own pace and with appropriate variations to meet the needs of their body and mind. 

Both group and private yoga classes provide students the opportunity to discover functional movements that help to unwind patterns of tension, strengthen underutilized muscles, improve joint stability and increase range of motion. This process is further supported with dynamic breathing techniques, which in turn facilitate a more peaceful mind, creating a sense of ease and fulfillment that supports our daily lives.


My journey into meditation, movement and spiritual inquiry began in 1995 with the practice of Chi Gung. In 2003 I stepped into my first yoga class and discovered a process that spoke both to my body and my heart.  Three years later I was asked to teach my first Yoga class, an opportunity I appreciate every day.

I am grateful for all the teachers and students who have inspired me, however, a few deserve special mention here – Zhander Remete, Peter Sterios, Amy Matthews and Gary Kraftsow. In addition to passing along wisdom and knowledge, they have fostered in me a love of the process of learning and being a student.

With regards to gratitude and thanks, there are no words to describe my feelings for my guru, Swami B.V. Tripurari, who introduced me to Gaudiya Vaishnavism and has been my spiritual guide since 2009. His teachings inspire me everyday, in all aspects of my life.